Options for every occasion 

Traditional Photobooth

You deserve an unforgettable photo booth entertainment experience. We are the only photo booth rental company that backs our promises with a 5-Point Satisfaction Guarantee! Choose us and you will receive world class service and all-inclusive packages at an affordable price.

What makes Stella Everlasting special?

  • We strive to offer the best photo booth experience possible while providing the most competitive pricing options.
  • When you call us, we answer every time. Our clients love us because we’re always available, whether it’s over the phone or via email or text message, if you need to get in touch with us we’re here for you.
  • The photo quality that our booths produce is first in it’s class. 
  • From our hilarious and exciting props to our feature packed photo booth and super friendly attendants, Stella Everlasting will make your event one that’s talked about for years to come.

What you get with an Open Air Photo Booth

More Room

The obvious benefit of an open booth as opposed to the traditional enclosed one is that it simply has more room. You get more added space with an open photo booth which is a great benefit in itself as it relieves the cramped feeling you sometimes get in traditional ones. It also creates a large number of additional benefits you simply could not get in an enclosed booth simply because there is more available to move around.

More People

This means that you can take as many large group shots as you want without worry of someone getting left out. There is almost no limit to the number of people you can take a picture of at the same time and you don’t even have to worry about various limbs (or heads) being left out of the photo.

More Creativity

The added room of open photobooths also gives you the opportunity to be more creative. You could never try to do coordinated group jumping shots in an enclosed photobooth, but it is no problem in an open one. You can even throw people in the air or build a human pyramid if you want!!! The possibilities truly are endless because your only space constraint is the size venue, not the booth itself.

More Quality

This is because the added space offered by an open air photobooth will also allow the photographers to take higher quality pictures. Whereas in a traditional photo booth, the lighting is limited to a small space in front of your face, the operators of the open air one are able to put the lighting at angles which will create better quality pictures.

When's the right time for a photo booth? Always!

Weddings – Your special day deserves the best photo booth

Corporate Events – Whether you’re looking for branding, advertising, promotions, or an employee appreciation, we are the company for you.

Holiday Parties – Every holiday presents a reason to party and capture the memories

Bar & Bat Mitzvahs – Make your son’s or daughter’s special day unforgettable

Fundraisers – Photo booths will entertain and thank your donors.

Birthdays – A perfect birthday requires the perfect photo booth to allow guests to take home a photo memory

School Events – Field day, graduation, senior all-night party, prep rally; regardless of the school event, we can provide the perfect entertainment for students and staff

Charity & Non-Profit Events – Our photo booths are perfect for thanking your volunteers, helping fundraising events, getting your message out, or bringing in a large crowd.

Graduation Parties  — Celebrate their accomplishment with an incredible keepsake

Sweet 16 – Your little princess deserves the best

Prom – Let us help capture the moments from this special night.

Quinceañera – What girl wouldn’t want to take hundreds of pictures with her closest friends and family?

Church & Religious Events – Our booths can come to your congregation’s special events

Class Reunions – Take pictures with friends from the past; you’ll each take a photo strip and the memories home

Parties – We believe any day is a perfect day for a photo booth and for a party

On Your Event Day, We Will...

  1. Arrive early and be event-ready
  2. Communicate and coordinate with your vendors
  3. Bring a fun and positive attitude
  4. Engage with your guests
  5. Keep the photo booth area tidy and welcoming
  6. Assist your guests with their photo booth experience
  1. Bring props, and if you have a theme see what we can do for you!!
  2. Prints available in different sizes and colors.
  3. Personalized graphics printed on every photo strip: choose your monogram, event name and date, a personalized message, or your logo. 
  4. Live image slideshow on projector so your guests can share in the fun while they watch the people in the photo booth
  1. Green screen options that you and your guests will be amazed by.
  2. Social Media with it all
  3. Leave everyone with a smile! Now let’s get this party started!

Custom Template Designs: It's truly what we do best!

No two events are the same, so why should your photo booth prints be any different? We pride ourselves on creating stylish yet classy template designs created especially for your event. By adding colorful backgrounds, various frames, intricate overlays, and complementing graphics, your photo booth prints can truly reflect your style. Custom layouts can include any or all of the following elements:

  • Choice of Landscape or Portrait Orientation
  • Choice of Background
  • Overlays, Graphics, Logos, and/or Photo Elements
  • Choice of 4×6 single prints or 2×6 double strips
  • Text, Font and Message Customization
  • Our Premium Package and our Golden Package include the custom template feature, but can also be added to our standard package for just $50 more

Photobooth Galleries

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OCCO Photo booth

OCCO is a playful, interactive robot that creates an immersive photography experience.  It opens doors to creativity and fun for all ages.

Simply pose in front of the large live-view screen as OCCO composes a perfect frame. No need to touch or adjust the screen. OCCO knows how to take a flattering shot without direction! 

Our newest addition is OCCO. What is OCCO? OCCO is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania, and is the world’s first automated photographer and is designed for open booth settings. OCCO is a playful, interactive robot that creates an immersive photography experience. OCCO takes pictures of
people in motion, and even jumping in mid-air. All you need is your phone, scan the QR code, and OCCO delivers your pictures to your phone. Upload them to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email them. We can even print them out for you on our high-quality printer. Whatever you decide. OCCO is the 21st century of automated photography and delivers the 21st century to you.

Why OCCO is the booth for you

OCCO is transforming event photography into a captivating experience for all ages!

Anyone interacting with our quirky robot immediately realizes there is some sort of intelligence driving the machine. Because there is no human behind the camera, people know they will not be judged, and they keep playing with OCCO to their heart’s desire. Folks get creative, pose for glamour shots, or let OCCO capture silly action moments

There is something unique that occurs when OCCO is at work: making its own photographic choices and drawing the audience in.

OCCO operates in an open space with full freedom to interact and play—snapping people in motion, even jumping in mid-air. Simply pose in front of the large live-view screen as OCCO composes a perfect frame. No need to touch or adjust the screen. OCCO knows how to take a flattering shot without direction! No booths, no apps, and no restrictions!

OCCO Photobooth Portfolio

Click on an image below to view a gallery from each individual occasion.

Engage Your Audience

Whether you organize events or own a venue, OCCO will generate excitement, help create goodwill and provide a unique experience for your guests

Connect Customers to Your Brand

A strategic implementation of OCCO can be a powerful marketing, lead generation and social media tool for your brand. There are several workflow templates to choose from to tailor the presentation, experience and media flow for your specific needs.

Generate Direct Revenue

OCCO is truly unique – there is nothing else like it on the market. Event hosts looking for a one-of-kind experience will see the intrinsic value in an intelligent, interactive and entertaining robot that also happens to do something very useful: creating memories that last.

Interested in the OCCO photo booth?