How is your booth different from other photo booth rentals?

Because we are going to capture unique memories for you with Stella Everlasting! Our new addition is OCCO, the world’s first automated photographer. Our printers and cameras are professional quality — not a tablet or smartphone — so you can be sure your experience will be excellent.

Do you print on site?

Yes we print quality prints on site, and guests get unlimited prints, too.

How does the booth work?

We have two of them: one we help you with and the other you simply set up and go! Both are fun and engaging options for your event. 

how much space is needed?

10×10 area with nothing inside of it. Access to a standard 110V AC 3-prong electrical outlet is also required. Lastly, we will need a table for props as well as a table for any albums.

Does my rental time include set-up or break down?

Each rental includes an hour of set-up time and typically half an hour of breakdown time. These times are NOT included in your “live” time. This means if you reserve a three hour photo booth, you get three hours of live photo booth time! More time = more photos! Yay!! If you ever need an earlier set-up time, we could always add idle time to your contract.

Why doesn't your social station include printing?

Why wait for prints when you can instantly have your photos, GIFs and boomerang-style videos delivered straight to your phone? After all, digital copies are the best way to share on social media – hence the name, social station 🙂 We promise you won’t miss the printer at all!

Can we bring our own props?

We believe that the more props the merrier, so please feel free to supply us with your own props in addition to our collection. We can also provide custom theme-based prop boxes for an additional fee.

How early can we book our photo booth?

It’s really never too early to book your photo booth. We take bookings for up to two years ahead. Please keep in mind that our summer months tend to be very busy! It never hurts to book early!

How do I pay?

50 % is due to reserve date.  The remaining balance is due the day of your event.  All forms of payment are accepted (cash, check, credit card, paypal).

Will the photo booth tie into our event's theme?

Of course it will! We specialize in customizing every part of the experience. Not only do we create a custom template for you, but we also create a custom interface for each rental. What’s a custom interface? It’s basically what your guests see when taking photos. They don’t see just any ordinary screen, but they see and experience a photo booth customized for your event.

How do i book a service?

You may call the studio at 724-612-3634 or email stellaeverlasting180@gmail.com  If you would like schedule a time to meet / pay in person, please schedule a time at our facility.

When is it too late to book a photo booth?

If we have a opening we will try get you in. When you are ready to book we will send you a contract and deposit invoice to reserve your date.

Who owns the copyright

All rights to footage and/or photographs are transferred to our clients once payment is collected.  Stella Everlasting still reserves the right to use any footage and/or photograph for internal promotional purposes.

Do we need wifi?

Wi-Fi is required but it can come from a dedicated internet hotspot connection